Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Still Life with Fantasy and Fruit

My editor is THE COOLEST editor ever! Behold Exhibit A:

Still Life with Fantasy and Fruit #1

All of this was sent to me by my editor, except for the fruit. Here's what you're looking at, left to right, front row: Robert Redick's The Red Wolf Conspiracy; a Braeburn apple; Daryl Gregory's Pandemonium; another apple; Jaida Jones and Danielle Bennett's Have Mercy; and then moving to the back row, an Advanced Reader Edition of Peter V. Brett's The Warded Man; a NEW! AWESOME! copy of Mr. Brett's latest novel, The Desert Spear, two weeks before it's available in stores (Whoops! I just drooled on the keyboard in nerd ecstasy!); bananas, because this shit is bananas; Richard K. Morgan's The Steel Remains; and a final apple.

And now we pause for a celebratory squee. Squeeeee!!!

I had no idea how cool it would be to get free books until I got them. I mean, when I was a younger nerd with more hair, I'd get "free" books from those book clubs, but we all know they weren't really free because you had that commitment hanging over you to buy only six more books in the next year at regular club price and you had to return that card on time or they'd send you a crappy book of the month instead of something you wanted. These books are free. I don't have to buy anything or "just pay shipping and handling." And yes, I'm bragging about it. I'm having a nice brag right now, because this is the coolest perk I never expected for getting published. I didn't expect any perks, to be honest; getting published is satisfactorily perky all by itself. It doesn't need perks. But they are there, and this is one of them.

In coming days, weeks, (months?) I'll be reviewing these. I'm reading The Warded Man first because I've heard nothing but stellar things about it and I'm fond of reading stellar books. But after that and The Desert Spear, I'm digging into Richard Morgan's book. His Altered Carbon was awesome stuff and so were the sequels, so I can't wait to see what he's done here. Oh, and you know what? I almost bought that book over the weekend! I picked it up, all excited, and then I checked the publisher on the spine and went "WHOA!" kind of like that loud man in the Staples commercials but several decibels quieter. Richard Morgan's with Del Rey, too! I had no idea. I put the book down—very reluctantly—because I thought maybe, just maybe, Tricia would surprise me with it. And she DID! So that is Exhibit B. The books & authors in the front row are unknown to me, but I'm looking forward to this particular introduction and I'll share the experience when I get to them.

I really need to write an effusive missive o' thanks to my editor now.

School's keepin' me busy and it's tough to find the headspace to write, but I'm at 30K on Hammered now and deep in research on the Kabbalah for my Kabbalist warriors. Happy Passover to all my Jewish friends.

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