Saturday, March 13, 2010

Oh yeah! A surname would be good...

Well, I think this character might be sticking around for a while, so maybe I should give her a surname. It's so weird that I never really thought of it before, but one of my fairly important characters, Granuaile, got all the way through two books without her last name being mentioned...even in my head. I simply never thought of her beyond the first name. So odd, since I gave full names to very minor characters.

And you know what's weirder? Nobody who's read the first two books ever asked me. Not my primary readers, not my editors, not even my mom. They were cool with her having no more than the single moniker. I think it must be because it's such a rich, full name. If you can live up to a name like Granuaile, walk around wearing it every day, then you don't really need anything else.

Still, she isn't super-duper famous yet. I don't think she could pull a Madonna and live with just the first name, so I need to come up with something...and that something is MacTiernan. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Granuaile MacTiernan. Get to know her in 2011.

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