Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Four cool things

Today I installed TweetDeck as opposed to Tweetie and I think I like it a bit more. It automatically shortens URLS (Tweetie didn't) and makes shortened links to pictures on the web if you just drag 'em in there. So that's cool thing number one. (If you're not following me on Twitter, the username is kevinhearne.)

Got the taxes finished and they weren't nearly so bad as I feared. Cool thing number two.

I get to hang out by a pool tomorrow when many, many people elsewhere are still freezing. Cool thing number three.

I've found a small groove to write in; I've only managed spastic fits here and there the last few days but I think I'll have time to write the rest of the night now—cool thing number four. 23K on Hammered.

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