Friday, April 9, 2010

Still Life with Fantasy and Fruit #2

Behold my new masterpiece:

Still Life with Fantasy and Fruit #2

"You put the lime with the coconut and read it all up." That's how the song goes, right?

Unlike my first Still Life, I didn't get these books for free. I paid U.S. dollars for them because these two particular authors aren't with my publisher. That being said, they're also quite worth it, because they're the leading writers in the urban fantasy genre and their books are always entertaining. 

Let's pause a moment to judge these books by their covers. On the one hand you have a Brooding Trench Coat Man holding a staff like he's claiming this land in the name of Some Majesty, May He/She Reign Forever.  On the other you have an Impressively Inked Woman holding a book, giving you this look over her shoulder that suggests if you ask her nicely, she might read it to you. can read about her reading that book to someone else in the book. There are layers of books here. I'm sold! Briggs wins, hands down!

Here's what I like about the photo: It looks like Brooding Trench Coat Man is glaring at the reflected, mirror-imaged name of Patricia Briggs invading the territory he has claimed with his phallic symbol.

If you're not familiar with either of these authors, I highly recommend filling this awful void in your life. You're truly missing out on some great characters. You can start with Jim Butcher's Storm Front here and Patricia Briggs' Moon Called here.

I'll get reviews of these up when I'm finished with them. I'm chugging through Silver Borne right now. The Impressively Inked Woman hasn't read that book to me yet, but there's still a hundred pages to go, so there's hope.

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