Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Copy Editing Day

Today I am supposed to receive the copy-edited manuscript for my second book, Hexed. I'm incredibly excited about this—so much so that I might indulge in excessive superfluous exclamation points!!!!!!

You might wonder why.

Why would any sane person want to see their written work all marked up by a stranger 3,000 miles away?

Because there will be a title page with my name on it that the publisher made up all special just for me. There will also be an ISBN number assigned specifically to my book. It's all proof that my dream of getting published will be real someday...in just a wee bit over a year from now. *tiny groan*

April 26, 2011...*another tiny groan.* It's a long time to wait. Nineteen months and one day after the deal was struck, Hounded will finally hit the shelves. That is a bit longer than most deals, but since it's going to be followed in quick succession by Hexed in May and Hammered in June, the extra time is built in there for me to actually write two books.

It will be bearable, of course, because the day will eventually come. I get to wake up every day and know I'm twenty-four hours closer to my goal. Eventually I'll get to see my covers and do a little dance. I'll get to hear the reader of the audio version attempt to do all the accents in the books (Irish, Polish, Tamil, Russian, Finnish, Mandarin, Icelandic, and German) and grin until my face hurts. And maybe, in the interim, I'll get some good news from overseas, or some news about dramatic rights. It could happen anytime, and that makes waiting more fun.

As far as progress goes, I've taken a step backward, but I think it's more of a course correction. I've been writing about these vampires recently and not digging it at all. I wrote about four thousand words, had this huge imbroglio set at University of Phoenix Stadium, and it didn't feel right. So I highlighted the lot of it and pressed Delete. It wasn't really a subplot; it was more of a derailment, a complete tangent, and it's better that I wait on the vampires until I can develop them properly in their own story. Hammered isn't about vampires. It's about Ratatosk and Yggdrasil, Thor and Odin, and How to Tempt a Frost Giant.

O frabjous day! There shall be many words to cuddle, plus hot chocolate with marshmallows! I raise my mug to you, and hope you have some lovely words to cuddle up with too.

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