Saturday, September 25, 2010

I'm Tweaking

I'm tweaking outlines for my agent and suggesting tweaks to the covers for the first three books. I got to take a look at the second draft of them yesterday and OMG they rock! Del Rey has been completely dreamlike here in working with me; they took my suggestions after the first round and made everything awesome. There are still some minor issues that need adjustment, but after these final tweaks get made I think we'll be in really good shape!

In other news, have you ever visited If you haven't, check it out and bookmark it. They ran a Cage Match earlier in the year where fans could vote on who would slay who if fictional characters fought to the death. For an example, here's a link to one of the matches between Gandalf and Hiro Protagonist (the best name EVAH). It was a ton o' fun, huge numbers of people voted, so they're going to do it in again, starting in late October, with a different set of characters. You won't want to miss it! Not only can you root and vote for some of your all-time favorite asskickers, but you might see something from Yours Truly up there. :) I'll provide a link when it's up!


  1. The cage match was kind of fun, but I was annoyed that it was more a popularity contest than one of logic. Also, it was biased more toward modern characters. Conan got short shrift when everyone knows that he always manages to win, no matter what odds he is up against!

  2. Thank goodness you clarified1 While impressed that you were dedicated enough to blog on meth, I'm relieved to find that you are not turning into a twitchy-marionette addict. (Had to put the hyphen in there so you wouldn't think I was accusing you of being addicted to marionettes. Not that there's anything wrong with that.)

    It's great that your experience with Del Ray is going so well. I hear too many stories of covers showing up NOT AT ALL reflecting the characters and then going straight to print. That's got to be hard on an author. I can't believe we still have to wait until April for the first book!

    Suvudu's also got some great free fiction from their authors such as Kelly Meding (shameless fangirl plug).

  3. Sounds like you are working harder after your book was accepted than when you were writing.

  4. I've heard those stories as well, Hillary, so that's why I feel so honkin' lucky.

    Have you read A Glimpse of Darkness on Suvudu? Kelly's portion of the story is coming up in a couple of weeks! Squee! (I'm a fan of hers too.)

    Kay—it's not work yet! This is still ridiculously fun! Picture the Cookie Monster eating cookies (nom nom nom!)—that's me writing. :)