Sunday, August 15, 2010

Still Life with Dwarfs and Beer #4

I was really hoping I could get hold of the Smoked Porter from Alaskan Brewing Company for this one, since blogging/writing buddy Hillary Jacques has spoken so highly of its divinity. I journeyed for many leagues all the way out to this specialty beverage establishment only to find out that they had everything from Alaskan except the Smoked Porter. Color me crushed.

But I have to tell you, I think I might have found something equally divine. It might be my new favorite.
Still Life with Dwarfs and Beer #4

Behold: Oberon Ale from Bell's Brewery in Comstock, Michigan, in a glass from the Beaver Street Brewery in Flagstaff, Arizona; a turkey sandwich on a poppyseed roll with kettle chips on the side; and a dwarf ready to throw his own personal kegger. (Better pictures of him below)

I had to buy the Oberon Ale, because one of the main characters in my series is named Oberon. He's a doggie—an Irish wolfhound, to be exact. He kind of looks like this:
If you're wondering how a main character can be a dog, you'll have to wait a bit to find out. I promise you, however, that it's nothing like those execrable children's movies where animals talk. Oberon is a constant source of joy to me as a character, so when I saw a beer with the same name it became a moral imperative to see whether it might also be a source of joy.

It is, my friends, it is. It's bottle-conditioned, so you should pour it in a glass to enjoy it properly. As a summer ale, I can't think of when I've tasted a finer one. It's smooth and refreshing and I can't believe I was lucky enough to run across it. I mean...look at this distribution map. How messed up is that? Midwest, south...and Arizona. That seems really random to me, but I'm grateful, because it suits me perfectly.

The Beaver Street Brewery in Flagstaff is my favorite brew pub so far. I'm not saying it's the best ever, because there's always a chance I'll run across a better one in my travels, but so far it's the best I've found. And it's right across the street from Macy's European Coffee House, which is my favorite coffee joint EVAH.

And now let's take a closer look at that miniature dwarf:
This dude is ready to party. He's got a giant stein o' suds, plenty of refills ready to go on his shoulder, and he's even shaved his upper lip clean because it's just going to get covered in beer foam anyway. Oh, and in case you think this guy's a pushover, check out the side view:
He's got an AXE slung back there out of sight, son, so don't mess! If you make him drop his keg to pull it out, he's not going to put it back without your blood on it!

I haven't given up on the Smoked Porter. Alaskan's website says it's available in several places in Arizona, so I'll hunt it down eventually.

Just finished a round of edits on Hammered and sent it back to my editor—she made some outstanding suggestions, as always—so I'm excited about the shape it's in and feeling good about life. Oberon probably has a little something to do with that too. :)


  1. I'm sure you could have your local liquor store order you in some of the Smoked Porter! Most places are really happy to do that if they know there's an interest in someone drinking it. All it took for us was just asking if a particular beer was available, and they started selling it the next month.

    It's great to hear the edits are going so well!

  2. Felicitations on your fortuitous synchronicity in beer-hunting!

    If it's still summer where you live, perhaps give Widmer's Sunburn Summer a shot. It has inexplicably fruity notes, but is smooth and crisp. Pretty much oppo-Smoked Porter, which might be evading you because summer is not its finer season.

  3. Thanks you two! Hillary, that was funny. It's ALWAYS summer in Arizona, haven't you heard? ;)

    I also got hold of Easy Street Wheat, the brew that my mysterious friend Anonymous recommended from Odell Brewing Company in Colorado. That'll be the feature on the next Still Life. But now I need to paint a dwarf.