Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Some days are better than others

You probably noticed before now.

But when one has a really good day, the question must be asked, why was it so good? Can we isolate the goodness? Did it involve small furry animals at their cutest? Pizza at its tastiest? America's home videos at their funniest?

For me, really good days are those of staggering accomplishments, and today I accomplished a stagger, amongst other things.

Fueled partially by beer and partially by this incredibly hypercaffeinated song called "Valley of the Damned" that I had playing on loop, I wrote 4,000 words today. Usually I manage a mere thousand or a little bit more. It probably helped that I was writing a battle sequence between my Druid and twelve Valkyries. I mean, you're not going to listen to DragonForce with the speakers turned up to 11 when you're trying to write a poignant mother-daughter scene in a melancholy train station. Or maybe that's exactly what you'd do, because you're just that edgy...I don't know. ;-)

But when you want to have a really good day writing about people swinging swords at enemy appendages, you owe it to yourself to start out watching this video, which is what happens when the Platonic Ideals of Luxurious Hair and Manual Dexterity meet. Seriously, endure the commercial at the beginning, watch the whole thing and you'll be amazed. By the time you get finished watching the part where they have isolation cams on the guitar players' hands, you'll want to go get some high quality shampoo and conditioner, scrub it into your scalp really really fast, and then write about people killing each other. Heh!

74K now on Hammered. Next up, the climactic battle in Asgard! I just need to find the right song....oh, wait! Here it is! If that can't inspire me to write up some total carnage, I'm doomed. (Though I think parts of this video are unintentionally funny...)


  1. Congratulations on a 4K day! Definitely worth celebrating!

    Out of curiosity-- about how long are your chapters, word-wise?

  2. Thanks, Amalia! It varies quite a bit. 4,600 at the top end for Hammered, 352 at the low end. They're episodic more than anything else and I often use chapter breaks to "skip the boring stuff." On average, I'd say they're about 3,300. :-)