Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Halfway There

The third book's been tougher than book two; the demands on my attention thus far in 2010 have been many and varied—you know, life—and there's much more to do in the way of world building for this one. Still, I'm over 40K words on Hammered as of today, and since I was hoping to reach that number by May 31, much less May 5, I'm pleased to be ahead of schedule.

We're thinking of getting a new puppy and my daughter wants to name it Boba Fett, regardless of whether it's male or female. I'm not sure whether to be proud or horrified. Perhaps I could try being proudly horrified, or horrifyingly proud...

Today is an excellent day to drink a margarita—and not a cheap house margarita, either. I'm talking about the fancy-schmancy ones. Rocks, no salt for me. Cheers.

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