Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Geek List (embedded in a list of miscellanea)

1. Moms are cool.

2. I'm currently reading a book called Shop Class as Soulcraft. It reminds me very much of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, though this is a bit more straightforward and not couched in fiction. I'll post a review when I'm finished.

3. I liked Robert Redick's The Red Wolf Conspiracy quite a bit, though I haven't written a full review. The creatures called murths were fascinating...wished I could have read more about them.

4. I'm now at 44K on Hammered.

5. There are degrees of geekiness and nerdiness, and I while I can truthfully claim to be both mildly nerdy and mildly geeky, there are certain things I must acquire to rise up in the ranks a become a TurboGeek or TurboNerd. The good folks at have me covered. For example, there's this Dread Pirate Roberts action figure. It's terribly fashionable, as I've wished. And then I need to get myself a new sonic screwdriver because the new Dr. Who has one. When I'm on the go and a bit sluggish and don't have a pot of coffee ready, then I can have myself a Caffeinated Maple Bacon Lollipop. Mmm, bacon. With 80 mg. of caffeine in every pop, I'll be shredding like Megadeth on my electric guitar shirt. Rock on.


  1. You seriously have me hooked on Doctor Who. I LOVE him! If I had any money I would already have every single episode but at the moment I am... well... a little bit brokish! :(

  2. The old Doctor Who, from at least Tom Baker onwards, had a sonic screwdriver.

    Brendi, you can't get every single episode because the BBC didn't preserve all of them. It's a major bummer. So you can stop worrying about the brokeishness now.

    I can't help with caffeinated bacon lollipops. But you *can* get bacon chocolate. I last saw some in Cost Plus World Market.