Thursday, February 25, 2010

Progress Report

Though I have doubts that such entries as these are engrossing, I like to make them for the purposes of my own

1) The Ifing River in the Prose Edda is supposed to separate Asgard and Jotunheim. That would put Asgard and Jotunheim on the same plane. But in the Poetic Edda, generally considered to be the older source (and the one I'm relying on), Jotunheim is on the same plane as Midgard—a plane clearly below that of Asgard. Grrr. I want rivers in my Asgard but (thus far) the named rivers I've found don't match up with the cosmology I'm using. So yeah, you know. Fiddlesticks. Darn it. Gaahh!

2) I'm at 10K words now in Hammered. It's going a bit slower than Hexed because, well, there's this whole world-building thing to do. The first two books were set in the East Valley and I've been there. Anyway, I'm feeling a bit more free, the frozen pack ice of my brain is breaking up and I'm seeing clear sailing through the floes...

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  1. I recently posted something similar to this when I was trying to lay out the Trojan War and the biblical Exodus in the timeline of my book and people loved it. Believe me, I sympathize with you! I kind of cheated in my Norse stuff with the places like Jotunheim and found a way to excise them without losing the rich history and myth, or else I think I would have gone insane.