Sunday, November 1, 2009

Writer's Playlist

I tend to listen to music while I write, and it's usually the instrumental sort, mostly guitar music of one kind or another.

Here are the artists I listen to most frequently:
1. Rodrigo y Gabriela, anything they've recorded
2. Yngwie Malmsteen's Concerto for Electric Guitar
3. Vinnie Moore, anything I have
4. Six Parts Seven, Casually Smashed to Pieces

Of course, this means I'm often plugged into headphones while I'm writing in public. I've discovered that I don't write well at Starbucks, because they play some awful music at times and they play it loud. Plus they turn on the blenders and the coffee grinders and auuugh! It's cacophonous.

Yes. I wrote this whole post just so I could write "cacophonous."

Word Count on HEXED: 37K.

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