Monday, November 30, 2009

Make monsters monstrous

Though it's doubtlessly been pointed out elsewhere, vampires suck.

They don't delicately consider the feelings of needy teens and Louisiana barmaids. They eat teens and barmaids and everything else. Sorry, kids.

Vampires are dead monsters who return to the grave every day, and by night they snack on the first juicy carotid artery they see. That's the way they were originally drawn up, that's the mythology, and I'm sticking to it. Sensitive vampires didn't exist until the last couple of decades, and suddenly it seems that they've just been misunderstood for all these centuries and what they've really wanted all this time is a meaningful relationship with an extraordinary female. What is going on? Why are all the scary monsters getting turned into cuddly buddies? Can't we stand to be scared by anything anymore?

It's all the thrice-cursed romance writers' fault. They're cynically exploiting women who know, who just know, that they're special and different somehow, and someday the knight/prince/vampire lord of darkness will recognize their inner worth and take them away for happily ever after and feed them boxes of chocolate while they get pedicures.

Zombies, fortunately, aren't being treated (yet) as viable love interests. What we get instead are movies that make them seem funny and vastly entertaining to destroy. It's a different way of attacking the same problem: monsters are monstrous.

Leave my monsters alone. People should be screaming when vampires show up, not sighing.

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