Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Happy Tidings

1. By this time tomorrow I will be caught up on my grading—only happens eight times a year! But I'm not quite caught up yet, so this will have to be quick.
2. Gaius Baltar is dead. He died in the Suvudu Cage Match at the hands of mouse-clicking George R.R. Martin fans, despite the fact that he had a gun and his opponent had a sword. The happy bit about this is that I had a wonderful time writing up those little scenarios.
3. The Iron Druid Chronicles will be translated into Thai and Russian! Very grateful to Tathata publishers in Thailand and Olma Press in Russia, and extremely excited to see the covers! 
4. It's just about marshmallow season. 


  1. Boom goes the dynamite! Another 'shmallow reference. (Is that the proper abbreviation of marshmallow? It looks...really wrong.)

    When do you get the foreign language covers? It's always interesting to see how your story gets adjusted for the particular culture. Russian and Eastern European adaptations tend to look wicked cool.

  2. Fantasy seemed very popular in Russia, at least back when I lived there in the nineties. Books were super cheap there then, so I am not certain how they make money there.

  3. @Hillary: One doesn't abbreviate marshmallows. One revels in the decadence of the complete word. :) I probably won't see foreign covers until about a year after the U.S. release. It will take that long for them to get it translated and edited and do all the stuff Del Rey has done for the English version.

    @Ted: I'm not certain about the money thing either. I think the ruble isn't very strong as a currency. But in terms of freakin' coolness, rubles sound a lot more fun than dollars, don't they?