Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Developments & Shocking News

The shocking news first: I have discovered that there are some human beings—sharing the planet with us right now, I might add—who don't like pie. Until today, I was not aware that this was an option. I'm actually thinking that this is an elaborate hoax perpetrated by my students, and those who protested to me that they seriously don't like pie are being contrary. I am tempted to dismiss it all as teenage rebellion. I mean, how can you look at this...
and react to it like this....?
That's not right.

But in other news: I have found a neato website designer, thanks to a neato guy named Joe. The neato website designer is Sean; he'll be getting something together for me soon once my cover art is finalized. I'm going to migrate this whole honkin' blog over to my website, and it'll be a WordPress kind of thing because I hear all the cool people are using it (plus I'll be able to update the site easily, which is its primary attraction). 

Dudes: Six months until Hounded is on the shelves. It's starting to feel real.

I think (I hope?) Gaius Baltar will beat the White Witch in Round One of Suvudu Cage Match: Villains, and as such I'll get to write a new throw-down featuring him and whoever wins between the Borg Queen and Feyd Rautha-Harkonnen. (Can I just say how much fun it was to type that sentence? Most people would shuffle away from me and signal a taxi if I said that out loud, but I can let my Nerd off the chain when I blog.) Feyd is winning so far, so I'm having fun imagining that particular scenario. I'll know the final results tomorrow (Thursday) and then I'll have a couple o' days to come up with a lovely violent vision for Gaius. The new write-up will appear on Monday, and of course I'd appreciate your support once again for Baltar...I get to write about him for as long as he lasts!

Progress on book four, Tricked, has been going well this week. I introduced three new characters and gave Oberon his longest speech of the series thus far. But I realize now that Oberon has yet to eat any pie in my fiction—indeed, my books have thus far been pie-free. Perhaps I will soon have occasion to enshrine pie in my series. Any votes on what kind of pie?


  1. Oh no, not Wordpress! I really, really dislike Wordpress, to the point where I basically don't bother following anyone there. Wordpress doesn't seem to have the Followers and Blogroll gadgets, which are the most useful ones out there for bloggers. Oh well, it was good knowing you...

  2. What is it with pie this week? I think I've seen it mentioned in three blogs. I would vote strawberry-rhubarb, but since I haven't yet "met" Oberon, I should probably hold off.

    Congratulations on finding yourself a web designer. I still need to bait a trap with sushi and Magic cards to get one for myself.

    P.S. Nerd on a Chain is the name of my Alice in Chains cover band. We're terrible. Just awful.

  3. Well, Hillary, I think you should post an MP3 of Nerd on a Chain rocking out on your blog, and let the world decide. :) I'm willing to give it a try based on the name alone! Love it!

  4. Sherpherd's Pie. :-) That's probably not what you were looking for...

  5. Well, Oberon would probably enjoy Shepherd's Pie very much. It has meat in it, right? :)

  6. Ahaha. I think it would be funny if you had a character that ONLY ate pie. Nothing else at all. Congrats on finding the web designer! I just built myself a website and it was pretty irritating. It still doesn't do all the stuff I want it to do, but I figure that if the day comes when I need a REAL DEAL SERIOUS BUSINESS website with all kinds of goodies for my fans, I'll rebuild with some professional kind of help. Good luck!!

  7. I think a pie diet might be possible. Does quiche count as pie...? Quiche for breakfast, shepherd's pie for lunch, pot pie for dinner...and for dessert, there's pie.