Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Market Meta and Blurbage

I just read a really interesting blog post over at the BN SciFi and Fantasy Blog about why Nicole Peeler is so freakin' cool. Even if you're not a fan of her books—and I can't imagine why you wouldn't be—it's a good read for what it says about the state of the urban fantasy market (or the paranormal fantasy market, or whatever label you wish to use for the fantasy books that don't involve stew and orphans saving the world from a dark lord). 

I'd like to highlight a bit from his blog post about the subcategories in the market:

I'm glad I didn't worry about subcategories when writing my books. I know they're not erotic paranormal fantasy, nor are they paranormal romance, and I wouldn't dream of writing literary paranormal fantasy (because I'm not sure what that is). But my books might be a little bit of the remaining three subcategories mentioned. I'm wondering what's the line separating comedic paranormal fantasy from lighthearted contemporary urban fantasy—any ideas? Heck, I just pitched my books as an urban fantasy series and left it at that. It will be interesting to see how they get classified once they're published—or maybe Del Rey's marketing department will slap a label on them when they send out the Advance Reader Copies to see if it sticks.

But while we're all waiting...I've received a fantastic blurb from Ms. Peeler for Hounded! Squee! She liked it!
“Hearne breathes new life into old myths, creating a world both eerily familiar and startlingly original. I couldn't read fast enough...Hounded, indeed!” —Nicole Peeler
Thanks, Nicole! :)

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  1. The difference between light-hearted and comedic can be found in a ratio between puppy dogs and exploding cigars.