Monday, January 11, 2010


I once convinced one of my students that marshmallows grow on bushes like cotton, and that I used to spend my summers harvesting them in Louisiana.

Marshmallows are fun like that: they have the potential to make you smile. Dump a few in your hot cocoa and it's instantly happier. Roast a giant one over a fire, slap it on top of a slab o' chocolate and grab some graham crackers, and you're so close to bliss that you can rub Buddha's belly.

I recently sent a package to New York with a gift inside, and instead of using packing peanuts I used marshmallows. They'll probably be rock hard by the time they get to New York, but I found it highly amusing in any case.

Progress report: 3200 words on HAMMERED. I have chapter 1 finished, a wee bit of chapter 2 down and a really good start on chapter 3. Working on fleshing out chapter 2 now.


  1. This sounds like something you would tell your students. Like when you told us that all Kentucky Fried Chickens were property of the state of Kentucky and if someone were to hold up a KFC, they would be sent to Kentucky for the trail. Oh the lies!

    Hi Mr. Hearne -- it's Desi from West High :) Your blog is great. Can't wait to read the BOOK!

  2. Hi Desi!

    Wow, it's great to hear from you! I hope you're doing well & I wish you the best.