Friday, October 16, 2009

One Man's Everyday War

There is a pestilent practice proliferating amongst the hoi polloi—and no, I speak not of unnecessary alliteration—that persists in spite of my railing: it is the careless use of "everyday" in retail signage (and essays) when "every day" would be proper.

OPEN EVERYDAY, or LOW PRICES EVERYDAY, is what I see most often in shop windows. These same people do not proclaim that they are OPEN EVERYNIGHT, nor would they ever say they are open EACHDAY, but apparently they are comfortable with a certain level of cognitive dissonance.

I shall not let it stand.

I am making stickers that simply say EVERY DAY, and I will place them over offending signs when I see them. I will not add "you idiot!" or any other pejoratives, however appropriate; I will simply correct that which is incorrect and go on about my business.

Perhaps it is a silly line to draw in the sand, but we must do what little we can to promulgate the notion that we are a literate society. Come, my friends! 'Tis not too late to seek a proper sign! Sticker those windows and trucks and whatnot—correct them every day!

1 comment:

  1. I saw a giant sign hanging at Borders once that said "everyday", but the spacing between "every" and "day" was noncommital. Not as much as between the other words in the sign, slightly more than between letters of the same was as if the sign maker didn't know which way to spell it, so he fudged it. Kind of like a student on a T/F test making a letter that looks simultaneously like a T and an F.